About Our Jewelers

Philippe, who is Swiss and his wife Sophie, who is French, are both GIA gemologist and jewelry designers. Together they have been creating and designing beautiful jewelry since 1983.

Trained in 1975 in the diamond exchange in Antwerp, they opened their 1st diamond trading office in Geneva, Switzerland. In 1990, they established Sophil Inc. in Miami, Florida and have been helping satisfied customers ever since.

Your worry free diamond shopping experience

How we will help you in researching and buying your engagement diamond and ring?

We will wipe off the anxiety from this process by providing education in choosing the right diamond for your taste and budget. To do so, we discuss your project and show you 2-3 stones corresponding to your request: size, quality, and budget

We select diamonds with very good cut and the desirable “appeal factor” (a diamond evenly spreaded that will give maximum brilliance and life, along with good symetry and polish).

Our ultimate goal is to help you make the right choice.

Passion, knowledge, creativity and integrity define our service to an ever growing international clientele, in North America, Europe, South America, China and the Caribbean Islands.